A successful brand partnership: thinking creatively and bringing skills together – FÜRSTENBERG’s cooperation with sieger design shows how this can be a way forward. The two companies founded the SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG brand in 2005 that has established itself internationally with contemporary and striking designs.


SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG combines the knowledge and personal styles of Michael Sieger, the designer, and his brother Christian, manager of the SIEGER brand, with the perfection of FÜRSTENBERG’s porcelain manufacture.

Michael Sieger describes the philosophy behind his porcelain design as follows: “We believe that people today are in search of luxury for everyday use, but without foregoing a high level of functionality.”

“Our porcelain invites people to stay a while. With families at home or in exclusive hotels – wherever people want to enjoy the good life”, Christian Sieger adds.



The findings of extensive research into the history of a product and international habits often provide decisive inspiration. Nowadays, who needs tableware that is not dishwasherproof or cannot be used for different occasions? Our collection MY CHINA!, in which all of the pieces harmonise and can be combined with one another, will meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

A basic tenet for the Sieger brothers is to demand the obviously impossible in order to achieve the feasible. The drive for perfection and absolutely coherent results is evident throughout the entire design process.

Every new creation matures for months, sometimes for years. Aesthetics and functionality are repeatedly called into question, and the same holds true for the feel of the individual items. 3D prototypes – whether digitally printed or lavishly produced in their own model workshop – support this process.

» With products that are beautiful and highly
functional at the same time, we want to enrich
people’s lives in their homes. «



Every single cup, every plate and every accessory is unique and requires a large number of individual production steps - up to 100 hands and six weeks of time.

Such quality can only be achieved through the expertise, precision and passion of a manufactory with centuries of experience. Founded in 1747, FÜRSTENBERG combines unique craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology to produce the sophisticated SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG collections.

In particular, the uncompromising demand for extremely thin-walled porcelain requires exceptional craftsmanship. The knowledge of more than 275 years of manufacturing history makes it possible to achieve this unique body quality and accuracy of fit.

This is what characterizes the partnership between SIEGER and FÜRSTENBERG to this day: if a solution is not immediately obvious, we work on it together with passion and openness to innovation.


The inspiring Harkotten Castle is the home of SIEGER and the headquarters of the sieger design agency.

Founded in 1964 as an architecture firm, the brothers Christian and Michael Sieger are now the second generation to successfully run the family business. An interdisciplinary team of around 40 people covers the entire design process. People from different disciplines - designers, art directors, communication scientists, business economists - work together across teams. The company headquarters at Schloss Harkotten is both a cultural haven and a creative workshop - a historic site that, together with a modern sculpture park, also expresses the company's aesthetic aspirations.

The unique porcelain collections are the result of intensive collaboration and are now used in private apartments or on yachts as well as in various 5-star hotels and restaurants.

» We are very proud of the inspiring collaboration
and the fabulous products we have been able to
launch on the market together in recent years. «